Rocks Rock

In my classroom I ‘m learning about rocks! It is so fun learning about them. Today my teacher Mrs. Thomas brought in some rocks so we can see them. The rocks look so cool. some of them were polished, that means people use tools to cut it and make it look shiny and neat so people can see what is inside the rock. It is like a window in the rock. For example: a diamond is really finished.The rocks that she brought looked awesome’ especially the ones that were polished.  20150118-P1030621.jpg Emmanuelle Bourgue via CompfightmineralsWulfenite on mimetite, AZ Glenn Marsch via Compfight 


Avery is a great friend. Avery has blond hair. She is 8 years old. She also has one sister her name is Mallory, and Mallory is in 1st grade. Avery also has on brother, all I know about him is that he is in 6th grade. That is all she told me about him. The reason why I think Avery is a great friend is because she is so funny. Here is a link to Avery’s blog.


Spacial Guest Today

Today Mrs. Campagna came in to visit us today after she had her baby .Mrs. Campagna is my teacher. She had a baby girl. Her name is Avline. She is so cute and tiny. My teacher Mrs. Campagna said that she will try to come and visit again before Christmas break begins.But when she comes she does not teach us. I think that Mrs. Campagna should come and visit everyday!